What is DotA 2?

What You Need to Know About DotA 2 Before Playing

Defense of The Ancients 2, also known as DotA 2, is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) type of game that captured the heart of millions of gamers worldwide. It has roughly 12 million unique registrations per month, and it had roughly a million downloads when it was first released. Many gamers did not have difficulty playing for the first time mainly because its origin, DotA 1, pretty much had the same gameplay as DotA 2. The only difference is that there are several amazing features that were added, such as costumes.

Dota 2 Videos
Dota 2 is one of the best MOBA games around

DotA 2, as any other MOBA games, is played in matches of 5 versus 5, wherein each member of a team will choose a hero of their own that they will control in an entire match. The main goal of each team is to destroy the “Ancient” of the opposing team. The team who destroys its opposing team’s Ancient will win the game. Each team must strategize on how to defend their structures, most importantly their Ancient, and strategize on how to destroy the opposing team’s structures and Ancient. Playing with a team is compulsory, though you will be placed with random teammates if you queue on matchmaking alone.

How you can start playing DotA 2?

First, you will need to have a high-performance PC/Laptop and a good internet connection so that you can play DotA 2 online. In terms of ping, you will need 100 or less to you will be able to play DotA 2 online. Ping is very crucial in playing DotA 2 online, since the game will usually require fast reflexes. A gamer who has very fast reflexes can dominate the game, but fast reflexes would mean nothing if you have a high ping due to a poor internet connection. Another thing to note is a good PC/Laptop. Your PC/Laptop must be able to run DotA 2 in at least 30 fps, or else it will be difficult to play with the graphics lag. You may need to have higher specs if you plan to stream DotA 2 videos, or if you want to upload DotA 2 videos online. There are video tutorials on how to upload DotA 2 videos, and it’s one of the best geeks as well in playing DotA 2. Below are the minimum system requirements of DotA 2:

CPU: Intel Dual Core or AMD at 2.8 GHz or above

RAM: 4 GB RAM or above

GPU: nVidia GeForce 8600/9600GT or ATI/AMD Radeaon HD2600/3600 or above

DX: DirectX 9.0c or above

OS: Windows 7 or the more recent ones

Storage: At least 17 GB of Space

Sound: DirectX Compatible

Network: Broadband Internet connection of at least 3mbps but with less than 100 ping

Gaming setup for Dota 2
A good computer and internet connection are important for DOTA 2

After completing the requirements above, all you need to do next is to download Steam and register for an account. Then, download DotA 2 via Steam to start playing.

3 Best Features of DotA 2 That Many Gamers Admire

One of the best features of DotA 2 are the campaigns. Though the game can be played in 5 versus 5 most of the time, there are various DotA 2 campaigns that would make the game more interesting. Campaigns, such as Battle Pass, will enable you to play the game while doing some personal side quests that you will need to accomplish before a game ends. You can also participate in some in-game wagering where you can win various in-game prizes.

Another main feature of DotA 2 are the costumes, and it is the main reason why it is way better than its sequel, DotA 1. Though most of the costumes are for sale, costumes will never affect your gameplay. Costumes are simply to show off some good looks of your hero, and never it will make you stronger than other players. Well, it may look disappointing for Pay-To-Win players, but the designers of these costumes are so talented that they made it look like it is a must-have in-game. Below are some examples of Invoker costumes that we personally love.

Free Dota 2 Invoker Costume
Invoker’s Default Costume (cost: free)


$5 Dota 2 Invoker Costume
Invoker’s ‘The Fire of Exort’ Costume (Cost: around $5)


$250 Dota 2 Invoker Costume
Invoker’s ‘Dark Artistry’ Costume (Cost: Around $250)

Another feature of DotA 2, and probably the best of all the features, is the fact that it is free-to-play, and has fair gameplay. Although there were many hacks before, they all tend to get removed/banned in few hours after testing. A lot of players still attempt to hack the game, but no one has ever been successful in doing so. We are all aware of other games that hackers can easily hack, but DotA 2 isn’t included. This fairness had pushed the creators to host tournaments. By far, DotA 2 has the biggest prize pool for tournaments worldwide. The recent “The International 2017” DotA 2 tournament had a prize pool of $10.9 million for the championship team. You can watch full game videos right here on Dota2 Videos

Why Multiplayer Games Such as DotA 2 Had Made Much Impact

It’s not just DotA 2 that is great, but multiplayer games in general that has landed a huge impact in the gaming industry. The reason is quite simple; it is fair. Some games, like MMORPGs, have in-game items that makes you stronger. However, MOBA in general will only require your skills and talents to win the match. This has taken the eyes of not just gamers, but social media enthusiasts as well. Various gamers would stream their DotA 2 videos online, and at times, pro players who stream their DotA 2 videos get invited to play in big tournaments. In addition, some streamers or DotA 2 gameplay videos focus on humor, such as gameplay epic fails that are funny to watch. Here’s an example of a DotA 2 video that is funny.

Funny Dota 2 Moments
Dota 2 Funny Moments

DotA 2 Records and Matchmaking Rank (MMR)

Do you know that Team Liquid’s mid-laner (Miracle-) is best known as the pub-star? Yes! Miracle-, just like every average DotA 2 player, is a pub-star. But how did Miracle- became a part of Team Liquid? It all started with participating in pubs. Pub player means public player. This literally means that you are playing and queueing alone in a public server to increase your solo mmr, so you will get to team up with random players and fight against random enemy players as well online.

Pub Dota 2 games are very popular
Miracle Dota 2 Pub Player

Miracle- played in pubs and won a lot of his games. If you play in ranked matches alone, your solo Matchmaking Rank (MMR) will either increase or decrease. It will increase if you win, and decrease if you lose. Also, you will only be playing with players who have approximately the same MMR as you. So, if you have 3K MMR, expect to play with players who also have 3K MMR. So, what’s the point of all this? In terms of DotA 2 records, players who possess the highest MMRs are most likely the best players. With that, various teams will tend to sponsor them, so they would be able to join tournaments. Other players will start to idolize these talented players as well by recording their game sessions and watching them play to learn from them. This is the reason why your DotA 2 records and MMR are pretty much essential when playing.