Mega Passive Tank – Batrider [147,000 Hero Damage in 48 Minutes] Dota 2 Ability Draft

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Important: This video is not my own gameplay!!!

Submitted by: BloPP!

Massage: “”Crazy OP build on Batrider. Corrosive skin, Dispersion, Firefly, Reincarnation”

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Hold On a Minute – Silent Partner
ES_Leviathan 1 – Johannes Bornlof
ES_Leviathan 2 – Johannes Bornlof
ES_Magnificent March 3 – Johannes Bornlof
ES_Mangled Sector 5 – Johannes Bornlof
ES_Mangled Sector 4 – Johannes Bornlof
ES_Lord Of Dance 01 – Johannes Bornlof